Between the new activities developed by CSA during the lasts years, we can name the actualization and development of new technologies in ammunition field. CSA has developed many different activities related to Radio-Proximity fuze 76/62 VT-RF and other calibers.
Amongst these new activities, we can stand out:
Development program of multicaliber CSA-NGXFM-000, in collaboration with the Spanish Navy and the Underdirectorate for Research and Technology of the National Armaments Director’s Office (DGAM/SDG TECIN)
Refurbishing program with the Spanish Navy for existent ammunition of CSA-NGXAM-000 caliber 76/62.

-In process:
-Set of 400 CSA-NGXFM-000 fuzes of caliber 76/62.
-Set of 400 CSA-NGXFM-000 fuzes of caliber 5/54".

CSA develops many parts for fuzes of different calibers and specific batteries. It was, precisely, the success of one of these components, specially, the battery for fuses, which led CSA to the development and supply of complete parts.