Civilian Engineering


CSA has collaborated with several companies (INDRA, INTA, IBERIA, AVIANCA, DGT) in the field of engineering for civilian applications, developing high technology projects in Aeronautics, Electronics and Telecommunications. Amongst them:

  • Aeronautics:

-Design, manufacturing, installation and support of Automatic Test Stations
-Furnishing of aeronautical maintenance equipment, such as:
-Hydraulic Test Stands
-Portable Autonomous Electrical Power Generators
-RF Systems

  • Electronics:

-Design and manufacturing of a Mobile Anechoic Chamber
-Furnishing of Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems
-Manufacturing and installation of communications wiring on board Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) helicopters

  • Telecommunications:

-Design, manufacturing and installation of Radio Control Systems
-RF Systems