The Automatic Test Systems (ATS) constitute one of the CSA's most innovative products. ATS are basically integrated test equipment for testing of electronic equipment, avionics, communications, navigation, control…A340
CSA uses materials and components of the most advanced, top of the line technology, and they are designed by highly specialized and qualified professionals formed in leader companies at national and international level. Our experience in the development of this type of equipment constitutes a guarantee of reliability and efficiency.
Some examples are our collaboration with IBERIA (Spain) and AVIANCA (Colombia), which both use our equipment for maintenance of integrated systems in aircraft of their fleets, BOEING 757/767, AIRBUS A-300, A-320 and A-340, MD8x and F50.sam

These activities are supported by a highly professional group of engineers assigned to every project and client, assuring personalized and responsible post-sale customer support.Main objectives of the Automatic Test Systems (A.T.S.). In these systems, CSA, based on industrial computers, has integrated last generation instrumentation and data acquisition boards, new elements for information presentation and display, automation and robotics..., which turn them into unique for meeting the required performance and service level.

- To minimize the live cycle cost of the system.
- To ease the programming task.
- To minimize de impact due to problems of obsolescence.
- To maximize the availability of the system.
- To minimize weight and volume.
- Fundamentally suitable for second and/0r third level of maintenance.
- To maximize independence of the user.
- To maximize protection against undue manipulations by the operator.