Military Engineering


In this highly specialized field, CSA designs, develops, manufactures, integrates and installs complex equipment, for the different Military Branches, such as:

  • Air ForceF-100

    -Design and manufacturing of test stations for avionics, navigation and communication equipment.
    -Assembly of flight simulator instrumentation racks.
    -Design and manufacturing of VDC-ECS VALVE tester for EUROFIGHTER.
    -Maintenance of EF-18 Aircraft Data Recording Tape Magazines.
    -Design and manufacturing of Mobile Communication Systems (Shelters NATO II)


  • Navy 

    -Manufacturing of RF equipent for F100 class frigates.
    -Manufacturing of Power Supplies for F100 class frigates.
    -Design and manufacturing of CSA-NGX-AM Naval Multicalibre fuzes.
    -Manufacturing of Radar Consoles for S80 submarines.leopard


  • Army

    -Manufacturing of Fire Direction Systems for Main Battle Tank LEOPARD.