CSA was contracted in 2007 by AIRBUS DEFENCE (formerly EADS-CASA) for design and integration of 3 MIDS (Multifunctional Information Distribution System) ground stations plus the refurbishment of one existing station of an elder model. The stations were required to be fully MIDS operational.
The MIDS ground station is integrated in a NATO Class II shelter.
The shelter is transportable by NATO vehicles 4Tm of load capacity, which is the expected mode of transport. It is also transportable by air, train or ship. The shelter is equipped with ISO 1161 corner fittings, adaptable to standard retractable twist-lock mechanisms to accommodate the shelter on the platform of the vehicle. The shelter allows handling on-site by forklifting.
The shelter provides proper grounding for either deployment airbases or industrial sites where there is available connection points as well as for off-site deployments, in loose soil (using pikes) or concrete (with plates). This way the MIDS ground station is provided with lightning protection.
The shelter provides the following external connections:
• Ethernet connection for acquisition of external data, such as in operations near flight tests stations.
• Connection for audio.
The shelter accommodates several antennas:
• GPS receiver Antenna
• Antenna Mobile Phone PC
• Antenna V / UHF
• MIDS Antenna
The roof of the shelter is a non-slip surface to facilitate operator access during assembly and disassembly of the antennas.
The shelter can be operated in the transport vehicle and beyond. To do this:
For easy loading / unloading, the shelter is provided with 4 jacks for external elevation. These jacks also serve to balance the shelter when deployed on an uneven surface. The shelter is equipped with leveling devices to facilitate this task.
To allow operator access for on-vehicle operations, the shelter has a ladder and a retractable platform access.
The shelter is equipped with a security lock.
The shelter is painted semi-matte khaki green NATO Standard.