The purpose of the MIDS mobile ground station is:
- Provide support for the operations of the Spanish platforms equipped with generating and receiving information MIDS Link 16.
- Monitor the operations performed by the MIDS Spanish platforms in real time.
- Optionally, in the future, enable real-time management of the Link 16 network working as Network Manager.
- Allow recording and analysis of the information exchanged in a MIDS network during an actual operation.
- Geographic transportability to support operations in different areas.

The MIDS LVT terminal is the equipment that allows the participation in the Link 16 Network. The railway network in the Link 16 This equipment is not provided with the ground station.
The MIDS LVT terminal must be installed on a tray ad-hoc of 19". This tray is provided as part of the TIGER system.The MIDS LVT terminal requires forced ventilation. If installed in a commercial 19 "cabinet for use in laboratory, the cabinet must accommodate both suitable cooling fans.