The ground station is equipped with a MIDS omnidirectional antenna that was supplied by EADS-CASA.
The antenna is mounted on a mast. It should be possible to assemble and disassemble the antenna on the mast off-site. During transport station antenna should be stored in a container to be transported inside the shelter.

The MIDS mobile ground station is a movable unit with off-road capability, so it can be positioned to provide connectivity with line of sight with other Link 16 units during any operation. Additionally, provides compatibility with other units in use of NATO forces.
To ensure the requirements in operations requiring the deployment of off-site station, the MIDS mobile ground station is equipped with an external trailer with a diesel power generator. Power for the station could also be connected to an external power source (220-240 VAC 50-60 Hz).
The station has the ability to connect to external data sources for the utilization of data from other mobile units.
The station is ready for remote on and off control via an external Ethernet connection.
It will be used in interior design 19 "racks whenever possible. For computers that are not installable rack, an installation is performed as considering ergonomics. All equipment must be installed with adequate cooling and damping of vibrations.
The ground station is capable of being operated by two operators. Internal station facilities meet this requirement, as well as the ability to accommodate an additional observer.
The MIDS mobile ground station is provided with the following ancillary facilities to facilitate handling:
• air conditioning
• suitable furniture: eg, desks, chairs, cabinets, shelves, hangers.
• Kitchen Furniture, is required to provide off-site operations: fridge,
• microwave.
• Security elements: lock, alarm, safe to house classified information.