As a rule, the security classification of the MIDS mobile ground station should be kept as low as possible. Therefore, the load of crypto-variables in the MIDS terminal must be made right before the operation and deleting them as soon as possible after operation. With these considerations:
Althour charger of crypto-variables is not included as part of the station equipment, their use is necessary during operations in which it participates. Therefore, participation in off-site operations imposes the need for a safe to house the charger of crypto-variables.
• While the station is in its normal location, charger of crypto-variables will be the responsibility of an authorized crypto custudian.
• The installation of station equipment allows for easy access to MIDS LVT terminal for loading cryptovariables.
• The operator panel should include a dedicated erasing crypto-variables switch. Its position and configuration is such to prevent inadvertent actuation.