CSA pays attention to each and every activity which are part of its products, from the careful selection of suppliers to Quality Assurance and storage.
We manufacture, integrate and provide equipment and systems, offering service at all levels.

  • Defense Products

Update and new tecnology development for ammunition
Design and manufacturing of Radio-Proximity fuzes
Design and manufacturing of Batteries for fuzes
Design and manufacturing of Test Station for VDC-ECS Valve for Eurofighter Thyphoon
Maintenance of EF 18 Aircraft Data Recording Tape Magazines
Manufacturing of Fire Direction Systems for Main Battle Tanks
Manufacturing of RF and Power Supply equipments for Spanish Navy F_100 class frigates

  • Aeronautical Products

Test Stations for avionics, navigation and communication equipment
Automatic Test Stations (ATS)
Design and manufacturing of a Mobile Anechoic Chamber for the I.N.T.A.
Design, manufacturing and installation of Radio Control Systems
Furnishing of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS)
Furnishing of Aeronautical Maintenance Equipment: Hydraulic Test Stands, Portable Autonomous Power Generators, RF systems, Antennae, …

  • Other products, components and programs

Concept development, design, manufacturing and integration of equipment and systems:
Wiring and electrical cable sets
Power Supply systems
Wrapping (Fire Direccion Systems)
Communications Equipment Test Stations, Command Consoles and wiring for Train-to-Ground systems
Manufacturing and installation of wiring sets for helicopters (Spanish Traffic Control Agency).